2019 Trivia Night Rules

We invite ALL (21 and over) to join us! 
Alumni, new families, faculty, friends of Good Shepherd School or those who just love trivia, you are invited!

Trivia Night is an informal, fun competition where teams battle to see who has the greatest knowledge of trivia! The operative word here is “team.” A team, by our definition, consists of 8 to 10 people, eight being the minimum, ten being the maximum. Nine is perfectly acceptable. Seven is too few. Eleven and above is too many. That should cover questions on the team aspect. Whether your team consists of eight, nine or ten members, your costs will be the same -- $200* per team (table). Full payment of $200* is due at time of registration to secure your team table.

If you are unable to procure a team of 8-10 players, you may enter the contest as an individual for $25* per person. We will group those individual players into tables of 8-10 to make up a team table the night of the event.

*After registration deadline, IF space is still available, tables will be $250 and individual players will be $30 pp.

There will be seven to ten (10) rounds with ten (10) questions per round. Each question will be read twice. In the interest of time and short attention spans, we will be extremely strict about this. If you are having trouble hearing, please raise your hand immediately so we can make adjustments. Asking for someone else to read the questions is not an adjustment; it’s just hurtful to the reader.

Each table will select a captain. The captain’s duty is to fill out the table’s answer sheet for each round that will be collected by runners “time is up” later. We recommend nominating a captain in who is good at filling in answer sheets in a timely manner.

Don’t be a dud! There will be a contest for the best table theme. So, when you are usually on facebook, twitter or solitaire at work, think about your theme. Don’t forget to coordinate the team members’ attire too! Some examples: Happy Campers, Favorite College Team, Nursery Rhyme, etc. Get creative!

Prom Misfits & Tacky Prom Team Tables - April 2019

Prom Misfits & Tacky Prom Team Tables - April 2019

Make sure the correct team name and table number are on the upper left hand corner of each answer sheet. Sheets without a table number on them will be disqualified for that round. Writing a bunch of idiotic answers then putting someone else’s table number on the sheet, albeit funny, is frowned upon. Any deliberate delay in returning the answer sheet to the scorer is grounds for disqualification for that round.

After the second reading of the question, you will have 45 seconds to print your answer. You must provide only one answer with the correct verbiage. If more than one answer is given, the answer will be disqualified. Pieces of scrap paper will be provided for your teammates to pass answers to the captain.

Moving from one table to another during a round is not allowed. If you don’t like sitting with your own team, why did you join them? If they keep sending you out, they may not like you.

After completion of each round, you will have 30 seconds to finish the answer sheet before the sheets are to be picked up by Trivia Night Volunteers and “runners” turned into the scorer’s table. One point is awarded for each correct answer and results will be posted by the end of the next round. Mulligans will be available for purchase for $5.00 per mulligan. One mulligan is a free point and can be used in place of a written answer. There is a limit of five mulligans per team table (unless we decide to sell more during the event to raise money!).

In the event of a tie, we will use a tiebreaker to break that tie and determine one winner. It WILL BE a sudden death challenge. ONE member from each tied team will be asked to the stage. Questions will be asked until only one person answers correctly. It will be very exciting.

If you would like to challenge an answer, a $100 donation to the GSS Foundation will be required. We will then do our best to verify our answer. Win, lose or draw, you’re still out $100.

Obviously, cell phones may not be used or any other electronic device that may provide Internet access. Boxes will be placed on each table for you to deposit such devices. Anyone caught cheating with said devices will be coddled and embraced and shown they are loved, for anyone who needs to win Trivia Night that badly must have a truly miserable existence. If you need to make a call, please wait until the round is over unless it is an emergency. Really wanting to know an answer is not considered an emergency.

While runners and servers are an excellent resource for answers to many of life’s problems, this is not the night to utilize their knowledge. They have been instructed not to assist you. That goes for the other Trivia Night volunteers as well.

Your entry fee entitles you to some dry snacks and the cheapest draft beer we could find, and water. Refills will be brought to each table as needed by our table runners. You can bring your own snacks and drinks if you prefer. Yes, you can bring other alcoholic beverages. Word to the wise, any unruly behavior or over intoxication will result in serious chastising and constant ridicule from all Trivia Night attendants for the remainder of the year.

You are asked not to leave your tables during the game. We will have two intermissions that you can take a bathroom break and participate in fun games or bid on fabulous auction items. Bring a few extra bucks to play. Our Annual Auction will be held online two weeks prior to Trivia Night. Final bids will be accepted during the Trivia Night event.

Yes, there will be prizes for our Trivia Winning table and Best Theme. We don’t know what they are yet but really, are you coming for the prizes? We know it’s a night out without the kids that’s the real draw.

With all that, we really hope you come and enjoy our TRIVIA NIGHT & AUCTION on Saturday, October 12, 2019.